SINCE 1983






GESPE (acronym of General Supply & Petroleum Equipment) was born in Milan in 1983 by the experience of Mr Vincenzo Bagnoli. A mechanical engineer from Florence, for many years he has been Commercial Director of Breda Fucine, company belonging to EFIM Group, international leader in petroleum equipment production under license of the most important American companies.  

Mr Bagnoli, who has been President of Italian Constructors Association of Petroleum Equipment (UCIP) for two decades as well as President of Federation of European Petroleum Equipment Manufacturers (FEPEM) for three years, boosted GESPE operating especially on international markets, yet achieving remarkable success even on other markets still linked with petroleum and petrochemical activity.
During the years, GESPE has been also engaged in agencies for Italian market of steel mills and important foreign companies as Reiner Brach, ESW, Paralloy.
On January 2004 the company was converted to SRL, merging the activity of Mr Bagnoli's son, Massimo, who has been operating on special steel markets, with multi-years experiences in Germany and Singapore. Thereafter, it moved into a new location and hired new employees for managing the acquisition of further agencies as well as for developing new business opportunity.


The main products dealt by GESPE (besides agencies) from new production are the following:

- hot rolled and forged round bars in carbon and alloy steel
- solid bars for drill collars
- full range of ingots
- continuous casting blooms and bars
- ball and gate valves
- well heads
- drill pipes, tubing, casings
- tool-joints
- mechanical and seamless tubing

Specific products supplied from GESPE’s STOCK are the following:
- hot rolled and forged round bars
- bright peeled bars
- fully H&T bars



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